In Brief
Ga-young (played by Shin Se-kyung), who grew as an orphan, dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She applies to a fashion school in New York but after receiving false accusations of arson, she gets fired from her job at a boutique. She later finds a job at a clothing brand imitation manufacturer named “YOUNG GIRL,” which is owned by Young-gul (Yoo A-in). One day, the fashion school she applied to accepts her admission to the school and with the money her boss Young-gul gave her, Ga-young flies to New York. Jae-hyuk (played by Lee Jae-hoon), who is the successor of a fashion company owned by his father and Young-gul’s friend, moves to New York under his father’s order while Young-gul hides himself in a fishing boat that heads to the United States after being chased by loan sharks.

Best or Worst
Best: A skyscraper and a tottering office. Technically, they are all in the same fashion business but with the power of money, people in this world have different labels. “Fashion King,” which exposes the harsh realities of today’s fashion industry, described the young adults’ fierce competitions in life without any sympathetic view. Ga-young, who gets accepted into Parsons but has no tuition or parents, and Young-gul, who gets chased by loan sharks day and night, both wallow in self-pity but quickly get back on their feet to walk their ways. Ga-young gets a job as a seamstress while Young-gul gets rejected from his rich friend Jae-hyuk to lend him some money. People who never let themselves lose their self-respect and pride eventually win in the war for survival. Jae-hyuk also gets humiliated by someone telling him that he does not have eyes for fashion but just owns passion and money. Despite Jae-hyuk’s different environment from Young-gul and Ga-young, they are viewed as the same kind from the viewers because of the drama focuses on these young adults’ lofty aspirations for their goals. Thanks to that, the next episode of “Fashion King” just raised the bar of the viewers’ expectations.

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