Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun


On May 18 actor Kim Soo Hyun finished his Asian Fan meeting Tour titled, “2014 Kim Soo Hyun Asia Tour 1st Memories” in Japan.

Kim Soo Hyun, raises Hallyu wave again through TV series “Love from Star”. He toured for the three months thanks to the Asian fans supported him fervently.

This tour was started in Seoul as the first leg of the tour on March 16, and held in seven cities in Asia (Seoul, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan) attracting five million fans. The agency KEYEAST said, “Despite hot weather, lots of fans who couldn’t get the ticket didn’t leave the concert hall until the concert was ended.”

In this tour, he met his fans honestly with two hours of talking. This fan meeting was filled with plenty of programs including performance, and surprise events. At the end of program, Kim Soo Hyun sang his song ‘in the front of your house’ along with 4000 fans.

Kim Soo hyun, concluding his tour successfully, said, “I’m so sad that the tour is about to end. I feel like I have finished one drama. Thanks to all the fans who gave me unforgettable memories. I will come back with a good project.”

During this Asia tour, Kim Soo Hyun got an enthusiastic welcome by fans in seven countires. Tour tickets were all sold out in every country he visited and when he arrived at the airport, over 1000 of fans gathered to see him

One of Chinese staff in this tour said, “Kim is much more kind and sweet than any other Hallyu star, satisfying all the fans and staff members. He would get more spotlights from all over the countries after this successful tour. In fact, KEYEAST, Kim’s agency, said that besides Asia, they receive numerous encore fan meetings requests from America and Europe.

Meanwhile, Kim will take a rest and choose the next project deliberatively.


Reporter, Kwon Seok-jeong
Translator, Jihea Lim