Vixx new album teaser image and sound file have been leaked before they comeback.

On May 19, Official comeback teaser image was released but new concept image and sound teaser under the title of ‘Vixx comeback teaser image’ and ‘Vixx 1 minute sound teaser’ was leaked through the online community at a same time. The Leakage file contains new song’s concept with one minute of music file. Now the agency has taken action to blocking access to teaser image and the sound teaser but it has already spread out through YouTube and SNS.

The agency, Jellyfish entertainment, said, “We make an effort to delete leaked image and video and figure out how it was leaked. We will also investigate to find out the person who upload illegally and claim legal liability.”

As well as Vixx is planning to comeback on May, Fans also worry about the delay of Vixx’s official comeback with teaser image on May.


Reporter, Park Soo-jeong
Translator, Younggeol Seok