Epik High & Zhou Bi Chang

Top hip-hop trio Epik High releases a single collaborated with Chinese Singer Zhou Bi Chang on May 19 in the China.

This song ‘With You’ is a Chinese version of Epik High’s ‘Foolish’ in the album ‘Epilogue’ released on 2010. Zhou Bi Chang sings chorus in English, which originally featured by BUMKEY.

‘With You’ is a song that a man describes himself who can’t make confess his love to her and just hope her to see him only. This Song shows Tablo’s poetic lyrics and his own lyrical rhythm. By adding Zhou Bi Chang’s unique and epicene voice, the song became as a whole different song from the original version.

Zhou Bi Chang debuted brilliantly after she became the first runner-up in the 2005 Super Girl Competition which was took place in China.

Epik High and Zhou Bi Chang became close through an event in Shanghai last year. Impressed by trio’s song ‘Foolish’, Zhou bi Chang show her willingness that she want to sing ‘Foolish’ by herself. Epik High also thought ‘Foolish’ would make great harmony with her unique voice, so they invited Zhou Bi Chang to Seoul and recorded ‘Foolish’ together.

Meanwhile, this collabo single ‘With You’ will be released through Top ten major music website in China inclusding QQ Music and Youku on May 19.


Reporter, Choi Jin-sil  true@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, Younggeol Seok