Group INFINITE with official 2nd album, “Season 2” finished their first showcase “INFINITE 1.2.3 Showcase” successfully in Japan. This album is released in three years.

On May 19th, popularity of INFINITE’s Japan showcase was detected in Japan airport. Local Japanese fans came to welcome INFINITE in airport and the place of showcase “Tokyo Plaza Festival Square” was crowded with lots of fan on the same day. The showcase was held at 6:30 PM with thousands of enthusiastic fan.

INFINITE started showcase with “Destiny” which loved a lot in last summer. They continue to sing a song “Memories” from the new album and they performed their new title song “Last Romeo” in Japanese version.

Also INFINITE posted photo of showcase on online, which attracted Fans who couldn’t join in the showcase.

Since the first show case was ended successfully, the second showcase is also expected to be successful. INFINITE’s agency, Woollim Entertainment said, “INFINITE will proceed the second showcase at Taipei 101 on May 20 at 6:30 PM.”

“INFINITE 1.2.3 Showcase” will be wrapped up on 21th at the Seoul Jamsil Gymnasiun.




Reporter, Park Su-Jung      
Translator, Younggeol Seok