Crying man

Crying Man, CJ entertainment

Upcoming film “Crying Man” has confirmed its releases date for June 4th.

The movie was directed by Lee Jung Beom who directed “The Man From Nowhere”. “Crying Man” is an action thriller portrays the story of a veteran killer Gon (Jang Dong Gun), falls in love with his last target(Kim Min Hee)

Director Lee Jung Beom shows stylish action scenes which is his own speciality in this movie. Since movie gets R Rated for violence, it would be expected to show realistic fight scenes that has never seen before in Korea. By adding Jang Dong Gun’s charismatic performances and Kim Min Hee’s heartbreaking performances, it would gather lots of audience.

The movie attracted attention since it is released on June which is peak season of Korea.



Reporter, Choi Jin-sil
Translator, Jihea Lim