Promotional image for SBS drama "Love from Star" [SBS]

Promotional image for SBS drama “Love from Star” [SBS]


The plagiarism controversy of SBS “Love From Star” have reached court.

On 20th, comic book Seol-hee’s author Kang Kyung Ok claimed for three million won damages against Park Ji Eun, the writer of “Love from Star,” and HB Entertainment-drama production company.

Last year, Kang has claimed that the core story and background of “Love From Star” is similar to her book through her blog. She also claimed that eight concepts such as same historical events, eternal youth, an alien and others is too similar.

At this, HB Entertainment denied the plagiarism charge and they released a public statement that they will take legal action strongly if there are any libel or violation of law.

A TV series “A Love from Star” starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun portrays a love story between an alien named Do Min Joon who arrived on the earth 400 years ago and Top Hallyu star Cheon Song Yi. While Seol-hee portrays a story that a women who has lived for 400 years and doesn’t age meet a top movie star who has same appearance with the man who helped her live younger few hundred years ago.

These two differences will be ended up in court.



Reporter, Park Soo-jeong
Translator, Jihea Lim