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Midnight on the 20th, Lee Chang Min and Melody Day released the digital single video teaser, “The Very Last First” through YouTube and many online music store. Recently Lee Chang Min posted a part of “The Very Last First” lyrics written in calligraphy on his Twitter. It caused lots of fan’s curiosity.

This video teaser seems to a commercial film since it closes up the Bride’s happy face who wearing pure-white dress. Also Lee Chang Min and Melody Day’s powerful harmony at the end of teaser heightened the fan’s expectation.

Lee Chang Min and Melody Day said, “This single, “The Very Last First” is like a surprise gift for fan.  We want to give gratitude and love to the fan like sincerely confessing. Also they said, “We will make great impression through this song that isn’t ordinary duet songs.”

The single, “The  Very Last First” will be release midnight on the 22th.



Reporter, Choi Ye-jin Intern       2ofus@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, 2ofus@tenasia.co.kr