From boy to man, group INFINTE opened their “Season 2”.

On 21th, INFINITE held “1.2.3” comeback showcase at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul. They held their first showcase in Tokyo on May 19 and second one in Taipei on the May 20. On this day, they anoonounced the beginning of their new album activity with 5,000 of Inspirit.

INFINTE opened their showcase sweetly, singing “Memories” in the new second album. All seven members, wearing white suits turned into a Romanticist like a Romeo.

Their visual also have upgraded. When MC Park Kyung Rim asked “Who is changed a lot?” They all replied with one voice “It’s Sungkyu.” Sungkyu said “I’m going to same gym with Woohyun. But I still have two-pack. Not six-pack.”



On this day, INFINITE talked about their news while they were on a break. L was appeared in MBC drama “Cunning Single Lady.” Woohyun released duet album with SHINEE KEY and he was cast in KBS2 drama “Highschool-Love on.” During the 10 months, INFINITE polished their capacity through solo activity and World Tour.

Their singing and dancing skills which was polished during their break are shown in their album clearly. New album “Season 2” consists of brand new 13 songs. Each member picked their favorite track in this album. In the new album, it includes Woohyun and Sungkyu’s Solo songs and INFINITE H’s new duet song, and a song of new unit of INFINITE, INFINITE F(L, Sungjong, Sungyeol). In this day, INFINITE showed off their vocal talents with “A Person Like Me” in this new album.



Highlight of Showcase was the performance of title song, “Last Romeo”. Sung-Kyu said, “We tried to make more mature album. We did meetings a lot for choreograph and recording. Also, we thought over how we can look sexy.” He added, “I guess we are growing up through lots of performance and world tour. On the basis of this, we could refresh our mind.” When they performed on this day “Last Romeo”, INFINITE show off their trade mark, “Kal-Gun-Mu”(Sharp, coordinated dance formation) using pelvis which radiated masculine appeal. Even though INFINITE is atop of idol group we could feel that their effort for change and growth.

INFINITE promised to show up a lot with “Last Romeo” and they preannounced INFINITE’s fan meeting, “MOHANDAEZIPDAN” and solo concert. INFINITE will start with “Last Romeo” from Mnet “M!countdown” on 22th.



Reporter, Park Soo-jung
Photographer, Pang Hyun-Jun
Translator, Younggeol Seok