Vixx is coming back as a “Fantasy pure-hearted man who leapt through time”.

Vixx released a comeback image of new album “ETERNITY’ through their official homepage on midnight 21th. In this photo, Vixx stand up under the grand watch which is struck by lightning. Vixx’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment said “The concept of Vixx’s fourth Single Album ‘ETERNITY’ is time Fantasy. It contains a miracle love story in an eternal time.”

Vixx presented high techniques of performance for expressing mournful concept. It is said that they showed high quality of shooting through monitoring and serious concept meeting.

Vixx draw fan’s interest by revealing hint of album concept one by one through their official homepage.

For the six month, their fourth Single “ETERNITY” will be released through on-offline on May 27.

Reporter, Park Soo-jeong
Translator, Jihea Lim