High School King, Seo In Guk

High School King, Seo In Guk

Upcoming tvN new drama “High School King” released a teaser video for Seo In guk.

“High School King” is a comedy which portrays a story about a young high school student enters a company as a director. Seo In Guk plays a naïve 18 years old high school student. Also he should play a director to substitue his brother as well as a student. It can be expected Seo In guk’s performance skill and his charm.

In “High School King” official Homepage, a teaser video for Seo In guk was released. It is 10 seconds long, showing two side of Seo In Guk which is a director with suit and a high school student with ice hockey uniform. With a phrase, “a double life of 18 years director”, it arouse huge expectation.

The director of this drama, Yoo Jae Won said “Seo In Guk has both side of ‘sheer magnetism’ and ‘intellectual charm’. There is no doubt that giving this role to Seo In Guk. It would be hard to play the completely different two men, but we would expect he will do his best.

“High School King” is set to premiere on June 16 at 11:00 PM.

Reporter, Choi Jin-sil    true@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, Younggeol Seok