Vixx MV teaser

Vixx MV teaser


On May 23, Group Vixx released a teaser for the title song “ETERNITY” in the fourth Single “ETERNITY” through their official Youtube channel.

Released teaser video is 22 seconds long and appearing six members in dreamy atmosphere. The video showed 6 members spending time with lovers and jumped into a powerful dance performance.

The concept of this album is ‘Fantasy of Time’ and with a catchy melody and intense choregraphy, Vixx draw Fan’s huge interests from released teaser.

Vixx showed sophisticated and intense video through splendid CG effects and steampunk art visual which represents wind-up clock. Also, they used motion control camera for the higher quality of video.

Vixx “ETERNITY” is opened an Online comeback live streaming through Daum Music at 11:30 AM On May 26. The album will be released on 27th.



Reporter, Choi-Jinsil
Translator, Jihea Lim