A pink

A pink


Girl group Apink marked the end to their fourth mini album “Pink Blossom’ perform with the last performance at SBS “Inkigayo” on May 25.

On March 31, A pink released their album and the title song “Mr.Chu” made good records on music chart and music shows. On the second week of April, they ranked number one on every music show. It is proved that they got good grades on every parts because each of music show’s selection criteria for number one is different. Since A pink had recorded first place in 2 weeks after they comeback, it represents that they became a leading girl group.

A pink also showed strong aspects of sound source, being ranked atop in the music charts. “Mr.Chu” is ranked in top 10 on Melon until now. Even though GOD, Baek Ji Young, Fly to the sky and other big singers had a comeback on the middle of May, A pink recorded high ranks in daily chart, which means their song can be long-run. ‘NoNoNo’ released on Last year recorded number 3 on ‘Melon Yearly Chart top 100’ and number 1 on ‘Olleh yearly chart.’

The popularity of A pink can be felt in karaoke chart. Karaoke chart can be a standard of public preference because people have to sing themselves. Apink ranked number 7 on fourth week of May on Gaon karaoke chart. A pink is the only one girl group in top 10.

The reason for their good records is in their concept which is a Yojungdol(pixies idol). Earlier this year, lots of girl groups like Girl’s Day, Rainbow Black, AOA, Dal Shabet had a comeback with sexy concept, but A pink showed cute and lovely concept. It is more valuable that A pink keeps their unique identification unlike many other girl groups who try to make change. A pink have expressed their color steadily through “I don’t know”, “MyMY”, “Hush” after they had a debut on 2011.

Not every girl group can be successful with keeping their identification or showing distinctive concepts. A popular music critics, Kim Sung Hwan analyzed the reason for their success is that A pink have built their reputation through keeping their same concept and find their own color.

Starting with Jung Eun Ji, A pink will strengthen their solo activity. Jung Eun Ji is shooting a musical “Fool House” and she was cast in the main character of KBS2 “Lovers of Trot” which will be aired on June. Yoon Bo Mi is also a regular panel of MBC everyone “Weekly Idol”, showing off her humor. A pink will be back with a new album and solo activity on July.


Reporter, Park Soo-jeong   soverus@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, Younggeol Seok
Photo Credits, A pink Official facebook