BIG BANG Taeyang

BIG BANG Taeyang


Big Bang Taeyang releases his comeback teaser image before he have a comeback on June 2.

At 12 AM on May 26, YG entertainment released his black-and-white picture he opening his arms like flapping in exotic place through YG official blog(

YG also informed that Taeyang wil release offline album on June 10 after releasing digital sound source on June 2 through phrase of ‘RISE TAE YANG / DIGITAL RELEASE 2014.06.02 밤(PM) 12시’ ‘OFFLINE RELEASE 2014. 06.10′ represented on teaser image.

Taeyang showed new style of music with dynamic choregraphy by new song ‘RINGA LINGA’ on last November. It’s been 7 months after he relased ‘RINGA LINGA’ and 4 years after he released his first album ‘Solar’. YG entertainment said “There is much interests on how this last 4 years had affected his music. ”



Reporter, Kwon Seok-jeong
Tranlater, Jihea Lim