Tao updated his photo taken with SM entertainment producer Lee Soo Man on his instagram..

Toa posted this photo on his Instagram saying “Love Boss. Thank you for making EXO. I love you.” In this photo, they are drinking Champaign with crossing their hands each other. Their drinking pose is so-called a ‘love shot.’

On the same day, Exo held their first solo consert “EXO FROM EXO PLANET #1-THE LOST PLANET” at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul. SM producer Lee Soo Man, Boa, Super Junior Kyuhyun and Siwon engaged in this concert.

Starting with the first concert in Seoul, EXO will hold their concerts in Major cities in Asia, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, and Osaka.


Reporter, Choi Jin-sil   True@tenasia.co.kr
Tranlator, Jihea Lim