Gag Concert

Gag Concert


KBS2 “Gag Concert” resumed broadcast in 6 weeks. Before they start the show, about hundreds of crew of Gag concert mourned for the victims of Sewol Ferry tragedy with wearing yellow ribbon and black suit on May 25. Kim Dae Hee, Park Sung Ho, and Kim Jun ho left a message of sympathy for the victims on behalf of Gag concert team.

Kim Dae Hee talked about reason of six weeks of static, saying “I don’t want to believe the Sewol Ferry tragedy. All citizens were sad and the sadness could not say in a word. We needed time to mourn together with people”. Park sung ho said, “There is no word that can give comfort to them. I sincerely express my condolence to the victims and bereaved families once again”.

Km Jun Ho said, “There are those who committed efforts until now. I see hope for future of Korea through this people. And now the only thing we can do is brining comfort to the viewers. I hope that this kind of tragedy would never happen again and pray for victims”.

After their saying, every crew of gag concerts express mourning with vowing to audience.

“Gag Concert” resumed broadcast in 6 weeks after Sewol ferry on April 16. This day’s show was recorded on last April.



Reporter, Hwang Sung-woon
Translator, Younggeol Seok