EXO has spoken out about Kris’s situation.

On May 25, EXO held the first solo concert “EXO FROM. EXO PLANET #1-THE LOST PLANET” at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena in Seoul.

On this day, Exo were asked about Kris at the press conference before they hold the concert. Kris, the leader of EXO’s Chinese unit EXO M, didn’t participated in this concert. On May 15, Kris filed a lawsuits against SM entertainment requesting a cancellation of their exclusive contract.

EXO Suho said “We are all embarrassed and our members had a hard time both mentally and physically since it happened just a week before the concert. However, that made our teamwork stronger and we could hold concert successfully.”

EXO Baekhyun said “I would like to say Thanks to all my members who overcame this hardship and I’m very proud of my member.”

EXO Chen said “Just like soil became harden after the rain. This situation made us unite strongly.” Lay added that “We also had an interview in the China. I was basically disappointed and was hurt. I hope that this would never happen again and I want EXO to become one.”

EXO Luhan said “I was impressed that all staff members designed new choreography for 6 members even though we only have 7 days left.”

EXO’s concert was arranged by world-famous choreographer, Tony Testa. EXO worked together when they perform “Wolf” and “Overdose.” EXO constructed high quality of performance for their concert because it is their first solo concert after they debuted.

EXO gathered total 42000 fans in this Seoul concert from May 23 to 25. They had wrapped up Seoul Concert and they will hold their concerts in Major cities in Asia, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, and Osaka.


Reporter, Choi JIn-sil   ture@tenasia.co.kr
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