KARA announced their group activity in five months at their fan meeting.

On May 24, KARA held “2014 Kamilia Day Fan Meeting” at Samsung card Hall in Blue Square. Since KARA showed up for the first time after they became three member group, there were so much of interests on their fan meeting.

On this day, leader Gyuri said “Please trust only three of us. It doesn’t matter other people say something about us. We are doing our best. We don’t want to disappoint you anymore. We think we find the best solutions for you. Please trust us and wait for us a little bit longer.”

Seungyeon said, “I am really sorry. We are making constant effort for you, so please wait for us a little longer.” Hara added that “I feel so happy that we can share this time with you guys. I want you to recognize ours mind even though we are not saying every single words.

KARA were unable to talk for a while due to the fans who gave full supports to them. All KARA members had spoken out their mind in tears. Fans sent supportive message with applause to KARA.

On this fan meeting, KARA prepared some mini events for the fans including talk show.

“2014 Kamilia Fan meeting” is an anniversary for KARA’s fan club, Kamilia. Kara held this fan meeting since 2011. On this year, Kamilia fan meeting will be held in Budokan, Japan on June 1 as well as Korea.


Reporter, Hwang Sung woon    jabongdo@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, Jihea Lim