Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin


Actor Park Hae Jin has been selected as a model for China’s chain restaurant company AZSEN. AZSEN had not hired model for 30 years. They selected Park Hae Jin as a first model for their company.

Park Hae Jin’s agency, WM company said, “Park Hae Jin just signed a contract with AZSEN, one of the biggest chain restaurant company in China on May 26.”

AZSEN is a chain restaurant company which has 120 of stores in china’s major cities. They also export instant ramen to the Singapore, Japan, Australia and other countries.

The reason for selecting Park Hae Jin as their first model is that AZSEN concluded Park Hae Jin’s image which is kind and considerate is accord with their image. It is said that AZSEN came to Korea in person to persuade Park Hae Jin.

For last 5 years, Park Hae Jin has been loved by many china fans by entering the Chinese market. Moreover, he is the only Korean who launched two of brands named after him. He has strengthen his position showing his love toward china.

Park Hae Jin opened Park Hae Jin Theater in Tianjin’s Lotte Cinema. He donated all his earnings from this cinema to children who need help. Furthermore, he joined in charity auction event for free for the victims of China’s earthquake last year. On March 18, Park Hae Jin became the first Korean who won “Chinese Civil Awards.”

AZSEN said that Park Hae Jin’s image is fitted with our group image that we always pursue.

Park Hae Jin was cast as a model in China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan proving that his popularity as a Hallyu star.



Reporter, Bae Sun Young
Tranlator, Younggeol Seok