Group SHINee wrapped up successfully their concert in Shanghai, China after Korea, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Taiwan.

SHINee’s concert “SHINee WORLD Ⅲ” was held in “Shanghai Grand Stage”, in China on June 1, 7:30PM. SHINee captivated the audience with their differentiated music and varied performance. This performance is SHINee’s first solo concert in Shanghai which had a lot of spotlight before they begin. A lot of fans came to see the SHINee’s entrance in Shanghai Pudong International Airport on May 31.

In this concert, SHINee presented 27 performances, including hit song, “Lucifer”, “Ring Ding Dong”, “Sherlock”, “Dream Girl”, album tracks, “Real”, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Evil”, “Selene 6.23”, “Symptoms” and Korean version of Japanese single song, “3 2 1.“

Even though it was rainy day, a lot of fans came early to see the SHINee’s first solo concert. They also ready the special events for SHINee. When SHINee performed the song, “Selene 6.23”, all of fans changed glow stick color from SHINee’s symbolic color, pearl aqua green to white, it made great view as white wave. In the last stage, the fans showed up the plancard, “Happy ♥ with You” and sang together with Korean lyrics.

SHINee keep continue their performance in “Meta Elang International Stadium”, in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 22.



Reporter, Park Soo-jung
Translator, Younggeol Seok