I sat in the eighth row. It felt like if I laugh loudly, IU might hear my voice. On May 30, IU held solo concert called “One More Step…Just that Much More” at Seokang University Merry Hall. Merry Hall is a small theater which has only 450 seats. It was the smallest one among the performance areas that IU had held. IU has talked about her dream which is having a small theater concert. Merry Hall is somewhat small to perform “Good Day” and “You & I” but it was perfect to sing old songs in her remake album “A Flower Bookmark.”

She started her concert with Kim Kwang Suk’s “Flower.” IU played a piano and sang this song. Kim Kwang Suk’s melancholy music with IU’s voice made audience feel blue. However, the atmosphere was changed right away after she sang “Drama” like a girl. She looked like a little girl when she played a recorder in the middle of song. IU said “It was made one year ago. If it gets positive response, it might be included in next album like “Bad Day.”


This concert showed two sides of IU, one is what we have known very well, and the other one was unfamiliar to us. When she performed MyChew CM song and OST of animation “Dream-Colored Pastry Chef”, she was really adorable. However when she performed Lee Moon Sae’s “When Love Passes,” Sanwollim’s “The Meaning of You,” and Cho Deok Bae’s “My Old Stoy”, she looked like a mature female singer. Even though she was singing smoothly, it made audience comfortable with her expressive power. IU said “Small theater concert makes me nervous. I wanted to overcome those feelings, so I even desired more to have a small theater concert. Now I like to make eye contact with each of you when I sing.”

Whenever IU sang a song, Kim Hyun Sik’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” which was her favorite track in this album, she couldn’t open her eyes until the fourth time of this concert. She said “Even blinking my eyes bothered me. Now I have a little composure than before, but I’m so sad that our concert has entered at the end.”


IU was received fervent response from fan even though it was small theater concert. Male fans shrieked with repeating the narration when she performed, “Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah.” It was the biggest sound that I have heard in the Marry Hall. IU was even hard to sing because of that screaming. IU seemed relaxed on this sixth time of total eight stages. IU showed up the fan service by playing the drum for the song “You Know” and when she performed “Pierrot Smiles At Us”, she danced Kim Wan Sun’s unique performance.

The guest, “Akdong Musician” attracted audience by their lovely appearance. IU met Akond Musicians first through this stage. In the first time, Akdong Musician, who have said that they are fan of IU, were nervous but they couldn’t hide their playfulness. IU seemed mature when she stood up with AKdong Musician. After Akdong Musician performed their song, “200%, IU said, “They did really good job. They are so cute!” Akdong Musician, Lee Chang Hyuk said, “It was my first time to be a guest of concert and I feel so proud because of your positive response. I am going to say to my boss that I want hold my concert.” Excited Lee Chan Hyuk fell down when he performed “Artificial Grass” but stood up immediately and finished well.

At the end of performance, IU sang the pop songs including Pharrell Williams, “Happy” and Ray Charles, “Hit the Road Jack.” Fans of IU were unfamiliar with this performance, but it was nice try. When IU sang the encore song, “The Red Shoes”, “You and I” and “Good Day” with soft version, she said, “Am I look like IU now?” It was better to say “No” in this question because IU captivated an audience by singing without showing her cute concept. She looked more natural although she did not show the three step of high pitched on “Good Day” or dance on “The Red Shoes.”



Reporter, Kwon Seok-jung    moribe@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, Younggeol Seok