My name is Yang Yo-seop
I was born on January 5, 1990
I have one sister. She’s a smaller version of me — both face and body –with long hair. My mom and dad actually look alike too. You would notice that we’re family even from a far distance.
I first started practicing singing after listening to Brian McKnight’s songs. And since then, I’ve listened to songs with similar vibes but I thought about it hard and realized I shouldn’t favor a certain genre of song. That’s why I’ve started listening to dance and rock music too.
In high school I was part of the rock band. I mainly did hard rock or metal back then but I had wanted to try out modern rock too. My seniors didn’t allow it because they said it would make the mood depressing but it’s a genre that I still want to try if given the chance.
I’m like my dad so I’m actually very clumsy when it comes to dancing. I used to not be able to dance at all. I barely dance now after much practice. (Du-jun: He’s the fastest learner now. Jun-hyung: He even comes up with choreography.)
I had my hairstyle changed big time and I like it because I think it looks good on me. So much that even my group members say they feel awkward when they see photographs of me with black hair now. I keep getting told to get my hair bleached but it’s a bit disappointing too. Since I’m Asian, my original black hair will keep growing…
I honestly don’t think I’m manly or sexy… I really lack in those aspects. And I used to hate hearing from people that I’m cute. But it’s the sort of person I’ve come to be portrayed as so I’ve accepted it.
When we’re by ourselves, Dong-woon is really funny. The producer for our reality show said Dong-woon and I are promising figures for the entertainment show business. But he becomes boring when the camera goes on. That’s why he’s become more awkward and appears less on the show. He’s about to go dumb now. And has also been aging. Haha.
Du-jun has a strong sense of responsibility and even if a certain issue or task has been completed, he’ll only be satisfied after checking through the whole process himself. I think we would’ve not been able to do anything without him — no interviews, no music shows. He’s the first person that wakes up in the morning and wakes everyone else up.

My name is Lee Gi-kwang.
I was born on March 30, 1990. Jun-hyung, Hyun-seung and I are all the first child in our families and I have a younger brother.
I took off my top on stage once. I couldn’t attend a dry rehearsal for one of the shows because I had come from shooting a sitcom. Then during the camera rehearsal, one of the staff members, told me taking off my top would look better on TV. I guess he hadn’t known how revealing my outfit is. They told me once is enough and that I should never do it again.
I said that I like ethics out of school subjects once on the radio. Though it was a joke, my fans took it seriously. I guess this would be my chance to explain that I am not stupid and that I was a very smart student.
Se-ho from High Kick 2 and I are somewhat similar. We are both cheerful, positive, sometimes silly and like to work out.
My mind went blank in the scene where I propose to Jung-eum in the sitcom. It was hard for me to say those lines in front of her since she’s so pretty.
I like crump dancing and heavy style dancing that African-Americans do. So I tend to put on big moves and tear my outfits while dancing. I kept tearing the crotch of my pants while shooting the music video so I got the material changed, but tore it again on stage.
I never do what’s bad for my health and I’m very good at this. I never eat rameon noodles, hardly eat junk food and stay away from cigarettes or alcohol.
It has been almost three years since I’ve been working out. Although it is tiring to work out alone after finishing our schedules, it is now part of my life. It makes me feel good and boosts my confidence. So I’ll continue to work out.
When I meet someone for the first time, I’m extremely nice. I’m just born that way. It’s not for reasons of personal intersts — I just like being friends with anyone.
When compared to my past, I think I look much better now. Back then, I had thick lips. Oh well, I just look better now.

My name is Son Dong-woon.
I was born on June 6, 1991 and thus am the youngest in the group. Overcoming the two year difference I have with other members is hard.
I am a senior in high school and took the college entrance exam this year. Aside from me, Gi-kwang, Jun-hyung and Hyun-seung took the exam as well.
When Gi-kwang exposed too much of himself on the stage, we didn’t exactly know what was happening because we were all looking down. The unusually loud cheering made me think ‘Oh, Gi-kwang must have done something awesome.’ But when we stepped down, everyone told us we’re in trouble. We were all shocked when we monitored our stage performance..
I’m not acting like myself, in that I’m talking much less right now than usual. Ah… (Du-jun: I hear people say Dong-woon is getting more handsome. Cheer up.)
Though other members of my group went through a long period of preparation, I also started preparing a long time ago in 2004. I stopped for a while mid-way and when I saw others who were preparing just like myself debut as 2PM and 2AM, I got worried. I felt that there was no time to waste and started to practice again. But I’m very sad because I lost my touch while resting and I don’t have much experience on stage. (Gi-kwang: Dong-woon is a nice guy and handsome. He’s been famous for that since the times we practiced together.)
When others are in the middle of playing games at night, Yo-seop and I have snacks. We’re not familiar with the rules of the game.
To be honest about episode one of MTV “B2ST,” we acted out the situation after my joining the group had already been set.
The program itself showed real situations. When we went to the Korean Marines training session, we were told that we were simply going to the beach for fun. Although we doubted the situation, everyone told us that it was totally true… I have not seen secrets kept better than that.
Keeping secrets is something the other members of my group is equally good at doing. When we were split into two teams to practice for dance battles, we had to use the same room but at different times. While doing so, they never exchanged information.

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk
Editor : Linda Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin