# Eyes, Nose, Lips

This is a title song of new album. Its genre is R&B ballad. Taeyang usually put danceable songs as his title track, but he tried something different on this album. The song focused on Taeyang’s voice and piano and the Instrument was played minimally. In the MV, Taeyang is dancing alone staying with the slow beat. Additionally, Taeyang in this MV is reminiscent of D’Angelo who is an American R&B musician.

# 1AM

This was being considered as title track, and the Music Video was completed at first. This song has clear sound with funky beats.

# Stay with me

This song has an intense groove with slow BPM. Because G-dragon co-wrote with the famous production team “The Fliptonese”, collaboration effects can be expected.

# Body

This song has the most powerful sounds in this new album. Strong Trap(sub genre of hip hop) was accompanies in this song. It felt like a club tune and if people listen this song, they may wonder female chorus.

# Didn’t mean it

This is the most surprising track in this new album. Ths song is a Britpop style with a guitar sound and calming rhythm. It reminds of modern rock band “Nell.”

# Throw away

Band sound stands out in this song. Tablo wrote the lyrics. Taeyang asked first to Tablo since he was impressed by Tablo’s lyrics. Taeyang asked to listen carefully to lyrics.

# Love you to death

This song is also a trendy pop-song with relaxed beat. Taeyang and Happy perez who composed the songs for Mariah Carey and Miguel made this song together. This is his favorite song in this new album.



Reporter, Kwon Seok-jung    moribe@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, Jihea Lim