EXO member Kris who filed a lawsuit against SM entertainment requesting a cancellation of their exclusive contract updated on his Weibo.

On June 4, Kris posted sun emoticons and tagged Guo Jing Ming, a famous Chines Internet writer, a film director of “Tiney Times” series. Although, there were no any comments besides tag and emoticon, it showed their closeness.

Moreover, Chen Lizhi, a CEO of entertainment company MaxTime, posted about their mention. He said “Fates is quite mysterious. Because, last year, the agency denied the relationship between these two, Kris and Tiny Times 3 couldn’t work together. Even though, they were apart for a long time, Fate made them meet again eventually.”

The “Tiney Times” is a famous series movie in China. It seems that there was some agreement between Kris and Guo Jing Ming about his activity.

Meanwhile, EXO Chen mentioned about Kris’s lawsuit that “Just like soil became harden after the rain. This situation made us united strongly.” Lay also said that “We also had an interview in the China. I was basically disappointed and was hurt. I hope that this would never happen again and I want EXO to become one.”




Reporter, Bae Sun Young
Translator, Jihea Lim