In the “Hang Over”, world star Psy’s new song, there was his effort that tried to return to his original intentions.

PSY’s new song, “Hangover” was released on 8:15 AM June 9. PSY released his new song in 14 months after released “Gentleman.” This song’s teaser music video arouse huge interest and it reached 1.5 million views just three days after posted on YouTube. This song’s main interest was how this new song bring out the world’s attention like “Gangnam Style.”

On the last PSY’s concert, he said, “The last song, “Gentleman” was mainly targeted at the global market. The new song is enjoyable song like real PSY.” Eventually, “Hangover” is seemed to catch the global market and his original intention showing PSY’s cheesy style like “Gangnam Style” and featuring by famous hip-hop singer, “Snoop Dogg.”

First of all, “Hang Over” focused on addiction by putting repeated chorus “Hang Over” and English lyrics. Also Snoop Dogg’s featuring enhance popularity and interest over the world.

Such as Snoop Dogg, Hip hop and English madeseem to target global market. However, PSY didn’t lose his own cheesy style adding color of Korea into his MV and music. “Hang over” used lyrics and raps in Korean such as ‘ba-deu-si-o’, ‘geo-si-gi-hae’, and made melody with jing, kkwaenggwari, janggu and buk which are Korean instrument.

As his new song’s title is “Hang Over”, he portrays Korean drinking culture in a comic way. This MV is started with a scene that PSY is vomiting into the toilet while Snoop Dogg is patting on his back. MV comically shows drinking culture in convenience store, sauna, karaoke and billiard room that only can be seen in Korea. Poktanju(bomb shot), Karaoke’s tambourine, and Korean billiard room can attract interest from non-Korean. It is just like “Gangnam Style” which showed Korean culture.

PSY is planning to release his new single “DADDY” on this summer. PSY is expected to show his brilliance again with this upcoming song “DADDY.”


Reporter, Park Soo-jung
Translator, Jihea Lim