Q. You just wrapped up your solo concert. How was that?

Hwanhee: I nearly cried since it’s been a long time. I didn’t expect that all tickets would be sold out. The concert could be more valuable because of fans who sang along to our songs from start to end of concert. It was so mind blowing, although we were a little bit tough because we sang a lot of songs compared to other concerts.

Q. It is said that you had bad condition on that concert.

Brian: I didn’t feel very well about that time. However, I tried to enjoy the moment because of cheers and encouragement from the fans. I thought I was pretty doing well seeing my lots of fans.

Q. Many of fans who saw your concert told that you guys still bicker.

Bickering is our own charm. Some groups say they are close, but I could tell that they are not close that much. They don’t bicker and even don’t look at each other. We used to bicker with each other and pretend not to close. However it is just joke and people just find that to be fun.

Q. There was some rumors that you guys are dating. Some people called you a couple. (Laugh)

Brian: It was creepy if we were really a couple. However, people felt that way because we were close that much. Young boy group should be learned from us. Be gay. (Laugh) I mean please be close with each other.

Hwanhee: Being a couple is better than a rumor of trouble. People always try to find out our relationship. Some people asked us to hug or kiss each other. (Laugh)

Q. What was the most memorable stage during the three days of performance?

Hwanhee: At the beginning, we played a medley of four songs. It was consists of songs that fans wanted to hear from us. I was so impressed that fans liked so much.

Brian: I saw some crying fan when we sang “Promise.” I felt fans had really waited a long time for us.

Q. You showed dance performance. Do want to try dance genre again? (laugh)

Hwanhee: when I was in the service, I went to My Name’s concert sometimes. When I saw them, I really wanted to dance. I was waiting the moment that showing a dance performance. I was appreciate that people said to us that we

Q. Are you planning to next comeback with dance song?

Brian: We didn’t determine that. Actually we didn’t plan for next album yet. We wanted to

Hwanhee: People might say that “Just do the ballad” if we have comeback with a dance song.

Brian: But Madonna and Michael Jackson danced even though they became old. I admire them.



Q. Your songs still ranked top even though it was released three months ago.

Hwanhee: Our goal was getting response from people such as ‘Fly’s song is expectedly great.’ or ‘Fly should keep going.’ We worked so hard and there were so many complications during preparation. I was surprised by that response soon after our album was released. We were lucky at this time.

Q. What do you mean you were lucky?

Hwanhee: Since K-pop music scene is now moving mainly with idol group. We actually worried that people would accept old singers. Luckily, there were not so many of singers who release emotional ballad like ours. Our song’s ranking goes up at dawn. I think people want listen our music at night. We were lucky in many ways.

Q. You won the number one at the K-pop music TV show among the outstanding idol groups.

Brian: There’s big age difference between them and us. Some of them were born when we debuted. It was quite amazing. (laugh)

Hwanhee: it was really awkward and strange. Idol groups visited our waiting room with their album. It is thankful that they visit us regularly although they also might feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Q. Is there any secret that surviving in K-pop scene for a long time?

Brian: I just appreciate the fact that we can still do the music. I always feel gratitude and try to be humble. I admit that it is necessary of having ability in some ways. However, timing, luck and modesty are more important than that. I think that is the main reason that we could survive a long time.

Q. When you determine having a comeback, who said that first?

Brian: It is quite hard to tell. No one said that ‘let’s reunite’. When we drink, we just jokingly said like “Shouldn’t we have to play again?”, “That’s right.”

Hwanhee: Actually I was always thinking about our album. I tried to release the album before I go to military, but I think it is not a manner to fan.

Q. There were lots of rumors when you were appeared on “Intimate Note” nine years ago.

Brian: To be frank, It was absurd to be shown like we reconciled through that tv show. Actually, when we shoot that tv show, we kept saying, “what are we doing now?”

Hwanhee: I also thought that we are not that bad during the shoot. We just wanted to show our good relationship. But we cried.. and we were on break for five years. It could seem that we really had some trouble between us.

Brian: We had a break because of personal reasons. We had solo activity and Hwanhee was in the service. I hope people don’t think that we beat each other up.


Q.  What is the first thing that pops to your mind when you think old days?

Brian: I remember we played a lot. (Laughs) It was fun with teasing and joking. Our teamwork was alive after reunited.

Hwanhee: We are so mischievous that could make cry someone in five minutes. (Laughs)

Q. But, Isn’t Brian easily moved to tears? Didn’t he cry in the concert?

Brian: No I didn’t. I was impressed and expressed it by laugh. Hwanhee was almost cried.

Hwanhee: I did not cry.

Brian : I saw your face.

Q. You might be so happy to see lots of fans who visited K-pop music TV show for you.

Hwanhee: I didn’t expect that lots of fan would visit because our fans are older than other idol group’s fans. (Laughs) We were so happy because fans came for us and cheer for us among lots of idol fans. We were singing the song for fans, but sometimes we missed the some phrase listening the fan’s cheering sound. (Laughs)

Q. Which moment did you feel that you really need each other during the period of blank?

Hwanhee: When I had a solo concert, I couldn’t sing the Fly to the Sky’s song which cannot sing alone. I really want to have a Fly to the Sky concert when I couldn’t sing a song because Brian was not with me. It was so happy to have a concert with Brian. It was very helpful when I ready to album.

Brian: Me either. I participated in producing VIXX when I was in the Jellyfish Entertainment. That time I remembered the old day. I was in the part of team. I need Hwanhee! I have more confidence on the stage when I am with my member, Hwanhee.

Q. Hwanhee is also producing the group MYNAME. Are you also interested in produce of singer?

Brian: I was like being a Lee Su Man when I participated in producing VIXX. (Laughs) I felt that I have ability to casting. Honestly, I want to make duet group with different voice like Fly to the Sky, but I should make money first. I want to be a Lee Su Man (Laughs)

Q. I feel your singing style is getting similar each other.

Hwanhee: Voice is definitely different but our voice are mixed well.

Brian: I felt that other group just sing the song on the stage but Hwanhee and I played songs with deep emotion for delivering story of music. We always work hard even though sometimes we mistook.



Q. You look like paying attention to the appearance for comeback and fans.

Brian: The thing we had prepared for fans is only music. I was thinking about which song I should playthe concert because musicians have attachment of other music besides their songs in the album. In the case of exercise, I just enjoyed it. Crossfit is really fun. Crossfit is very tough and it challenges me. I was addicted and also got a license of Crossfit. Hwanhee also tried Crossfit but he gave up soon. Crossfit is very hard.

Q. You are planning to concert tour until the end of Juan. Are there have any change in set list?? .

Hwanhee: We are going to keep set list for people who couldn’t see the Seoul concert. It took for a month to organize the set list because we have lots of songs that wants to play.

Brian: The only way of showing all these songs is holding the concert a lot.

Q. Are you planning to next song after “You You You”?

Hwanhee: We want more focus on the title song, “You You You.” We tried to set “Your voice” as our next song, but we have no idea yet because “Please don’t call” also receive good response

Q. What kind of music do you want to keep continuing?

Hwanhee: We definitely keep the frame of our ballad for Fly to the Sky’s Fans. I mean the emotional ballad that everyone can empathize.



Reporter, Park Soo-jung
Translator, Younggeol Seok