IU, "Flower Bookmark"

IU, “Flower Bookmark”

IU will release a limited edition LP for her remake album “Flower Bookmark”

IU was well received for her recent remake album “Flower Bookmark” released on May 2014. She re-interpreted songs from 80’s and 90’s such as “My Old Story” and “The Meaning of You.” IU will stir memories of a simpler time again by releasing LP album.

This limited edition LP includes special song “Uhuya Doongi Doongi” which was frequently used as ‘Geonjeon Gayo (healthy Song)’. Geonjeon Gayo was required to all singers to include on every album in 1980s. Agency stated “We tried to provide the value of this song which had experienced all sorts of emotions with the older generation, and there will be total of 8 songs in this LP including 7 existing songs in the Flower Bookmark album.

“Uhuya Doongi Doongi” was composed by Geum Soo Hyun who was a pioneer of Korean classical music. Also this song was completed by taking advice from a composer, Geum No Sang who was from University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. Her agency said “The lively original song is arranged as lyrical guitar sound and it was recreated by IU’s emotional vocal. Listener can feel romance and nostalgia for the past.”

The LP will be a 180g disc produced from Germany’s famous cutting studio, SST and professional audiofile press factory. This LP will take long times to be produced because it is produced through Schallplatten Schneid Technik Brüggemann GmBH by Daniel Krieger who is one of the most well-known audiofile cutting engineer in Europe.

This LP could be more special with total of 12 photos including unreleased photo of IU with LP-sized. This LP can be purchased from online music stores by reservation until June 24.


Reporter, Kwon Seok-jung     moribe@tenasia.co.kr
Translator, Jihea Lim