CNBLUE held the concert, “CNBLUE live- Can’t Stop in SHANGHAI” at Shanghai Grand Stage on 7:30PM June 15.

In this concert, CUBLE showed up the variety performance with 22 songs including their own music, “Can’t Stop”, “I’m Sorry”, “Coffee Shop”, “Lady”, and “Try Again Smile Again.”

This Shanghai concert with 7000 fans was CNBLUE’s solo concert that was held in nine months. Especially, Fans prepared a surprise birthday event with banner and cake for leader, Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min Hyuk who recently celebrated their birthdays on Jung 22, 27.

CNBLUE communicated with fans using Mandarin(Chinese standard language) and Shanghai local language. Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa had spotlight for his upcoming first solo album in a press interview. Jung Yong Hwa said, “Half of solo album is ready. Many artists will participated in this album.”

CNBLUE’s concert, “2014 CNBLUE Live tour – Can’t Stop” will be held in Busan on June 21, Guangzhou on July 12, Beijing on July 19, Taiwan on July 26-27, and Malaysia on August 9.





Reporter, Yoon Pil Jun Intern
Translator, Younggeol Seok