comeback rush


Many of K-pop groups will join the summer comeback rush in the middle of World Cup in Brazil.

On June 19, girl group AOA finally had comeback with full members. AOA performed their new song “Short Hair” on Mnet “M!countdown”.

“Short Hair” is another collaboration with Brave Brothers. It portrays women who change their hair when they undergo a change of heart. On this stage, each of AOA members showed off their charm wearing unique costumes such as nurse, fast food uniform and cheerleader.

Their agency FNC Entertainment said, “Please give good expectation on this album. Their stage will have higher quality with elaborate stage costumes, trendy lyrics and point choreography.”

BEAST also had their comeback stage on “M!countdown” with their 6th mini album’s title track “Good Luck” and “We Up”. BEAST led audience to delightful atmosphere on the “We Up” stage, while they overwhelmed the stage by ‘Kalgunmu’ on the “Good Luck” stage.

BEAST proved their undying population with their song’s ranking on the music chart. Both “No More” and “Good Luck”  are ranked top on the music chart. This album was produced by Yong Jun Hyung and Lee Gi Kwang self-composed “History” in the album.

GOT7 returned as gentile guy. GOT7 had comeback stage with new song “A” on the M!countdown. New song “A” means alphabet ‘A’ but also refers to ‘에이’, a Korean expression of disbelief. This song is an uptempo R&B song and produced by Park Jin Young producer.

Meanwhile, there are some stars have comeback for World Cup. Mina released a cheering song “Jump! Korea” on June 17. Mina rose to fame at the World Cup in 2002. “Jump! Korea” is an electronic dance song combined with rock sound. Mina’s sister Nikita participated in this song as featuring.

Gummy returned with new mini album in 4 years after releasing mini album “Loveless” on 2010. She performed “I Loved…Have No Regrets” for the first time on M!countdown. “I Loved…Have No Regrets” was composed by Kim Do Hoon and Wheesung. This song is impressive with poetic lyrics that is warm but had loneliness.

Hip Hop duo Untouchable set to comeback releasing their teaser image for new album’s title song “TAKE OUT” on June 17. A phrase of “2014.06.24” in the teaser image is expected that date of their comeback will be June 24. This arouses Fan’s curiosity.

Singer Kim Bo Kyung released new single “Start Up” on June 20. Her single’s title track “Remember You And Me” was composed by pianist Yiruma. Her agency, Chemical Sounds, said “Please give a good expectation toward Kim’s new album and her visual transformation.”

K.Will, who performed hit songs including “Love Blossom”, “Please Don’t and others, will release new album on June 26. It’s been 8 months since he released “Will in Fall” on October 2013. The new song is a sweet love song with medium tempo. K.Will announced that he will film a MBC variety show “Real Man” with music activity together after comeback.

Singer Jung Jun Young from “Super Star K4” will also have comeback with new mini album “Teenager” on June 26. Jung Jun Young composed all songs in the new album and participated in producing of his album. He will show off his own Rock music which through this album.

Besides working on music, he organized whole process of album including album concept, jacket design, photo shoot. This mini album’s concept is a dreaming adult. Jung Jun Young stated that this album contains a hope that people who are tired to reality live dreaming continuously just like Peter Pan.

Verbal Jint is set to comeback with new song on June 27. It’ been a year after “Walking in the Rain” with Bumkey and 7 months after “Christmas Request” featured by Shin Seung Hoon.

His agency Brand New Music said “Many of talent musicians participated in this single. This new song is about his own intimate story with slow beat and various fun instruments. Please give interest and support to his new song which will be released on June 27.

Group NU’EST will release their first full length album “NU’EST The First Album Re:BIRTH” on July 9. This album is released as full length album in 2 years after they had debuted. They will show completely different look that never seen before. Especially, as all members became adult, they set title as “Re:BIRTH.”  It is said that they worked really hard on their album for showing great change.

A staff of music scene explained this summer comeback despite Brazil world cup that “This Brazil world cup has long time differences from Seoul, so most of games are played in the early morning. As a result, musician can have performance without being disturbed.



Reporter, Choi Bo-ran
Translator, Jihea Lim