AOA’s new song ‘Short Hair’ is drawing great attention from fans in Asia. China’s four main web portal sites including Sina, Tencent, Sohu, 163 reported AOA’s comeback as main news. According to YinYueTai, one of the biggest music websites in China, AOA’s Short Hair was ranked number two on the weekly chart. Besides China, this song was ranked number three on the world chart daily of Japanese Tower record.

It is remarkable that AOA’s last song “Short Skirt” becomes popular again. “Short Skirt”, released on last January, got number one on the Korean music broadcasting and ranked top in the KUWO, China’s big music streaming sites. Short Skirt starts gaining its popularity again as AOA’s comeback with new song “Short Hair.”

AOA is emerging as one of the hottest K-pop girl group by gaining huge popularity with new song “Short Hair” at home and abroad.



Reporter, Kwon Seok-jung
Translator, Jihea Lim
Photo Credit, FNC entertainmnet