‘The legend of blue sea’ ,sbs drama(scenarist: Park , Direct: Jin ) has many entertaining elements which is way ahead of of the drama market.  In spite of its familiar set-up and the shortage of probability , the drama catches popularity thanks to Mr. Lee’s(hero) good looks and starpower.

A scenarist’s specific written style mingled with fantasy, romance and comedy makes synergy effect.

Sbs new drama was unveiled on November 16, showing 16.4% good ratings. There was a small drop in the ratings of the second show,15.1% . But  the ratings are on increase with episode 3, 15.7% followed by episode 4 ,17.1%. Its ratings owerpowers other dramas, aired on Wendesday and Thursday.

According to ‘november 3rd weekly report(14-20)’ published by Gooddata Corps, the drama has the first ratings in terms of issue share ,24.97%.

CPI( contents popularity index) went straight into the charts at number 1 with the point of 309.1, opened by  CJ E&M and Nilson Korea on Nov. 28.
Jeon( heroes) and Lee( (hero) ranked first and second on the research’ of  ‘drama actor and actress brand popularity’ , opened by Korea Enterprise Reputation Institute.

The total cost of a TV series is 22 billion won with the cost of each drama episode of 11 hundred million won. It will  expectedly take short time to collect the cost of production. The drama is now being on the air at the same time in North and South America and Europe and Southeast Asia. The number of the countries being on the air could increase. The most parts of the cost of production has also collected by the optional publication rights such as  PPL ,cable channel and  IPTV.

by reporter Cho
by Translator You
(Photo by SBS)