‘Power Rangers’ Movie Poster

‘Saban’s Power Rangers’, a 2017 blockbuster film that shows a shift in era becomes the number 1 selling movie since its release as the number of tickets sold continuously increases.

As ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ (or simply Power Rangers) became the number 1 selling movie, it was declared as a box office hit. On April 20, according to the Korean Film Council, ‘Power Rangers’ beat another global box office hit, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and became ranked as the number 1 selling movie among all the other movies that were released in the same period.

There is a greater interest as ‘Power Rangers’ becomes another box office hit alongside ‘The Fate of the Furious’, which soared through the charts last weekend.

This movie is about Power Rangers who are infused with superpowers to fight against evil and it was released on April 20 in South Korea.


reporter: Hyun Ji Min, translation: Choi Na Ri