Actress Sandara Park poses for a photo in an interview carried out in Eivom Theater located in Sinsa-song, Gangnam-gu, Seoul / Photo provided by Lee Seung Hyun

Sandara Park was popular from the moment she debuted as an artist. She became well-known as a member of K-pop group called 2NEI which was part of YG Entertainment. Their unique and catchy songs were appreciated by many fans to quickly take them to the top of the charts. 2NEI debuted in 2009 but the group was officially disbanded in November 2016. While this news shocked many fans, it was especially devastating for Sandara Park. She thought, “Is this what it would be like to break up with a lover one has dated for 10 years?” It has only been a few months since she was able to smile again. Now she desires to find what she wants to do and what she can do to expand her horizons. But the name 2NEI will always be a part of her. Let’s find out more of her return with her new song, One Step.

1. You have been casted for the movie, Cheese in the Trap. You will start filming soon I assume.
S. Park: It is a great production. The character I am playing is also a very cheerful college student. I plan to just have fun with my role. Moreover, the director has urged me to show my true self instead of seeming too rehearsed. I will be working with a lot of peers to make this more exciting.

2. You mentioned that while you want to do your best as an actress, you do not want to give up your passion for singing.
S. Park: Is it too much to say that it is part of my long-term plan? Since I was young, I wanted to be a multi-talented entertainer. Now that I am working alone, I want to do everything that I can.

3. Can you elaborate on this plan?
S. Park: I have written a bucket list which I am crossing out one at a time. I crossed out singing and acting. I wanted to become an MC and now I am commentating for On Style’s Get It Beauty 2017. Now I want to expand into becoming a radio DJ. I have experience filling in for a radio program for actress Yoo In Na for about a week. I really enjoyed being able to communicate with the public. After a week being on the radio, I burst out crying. The producer seemed overthrown by that. (Laughs) Another thing I wanted to try is write my own songs as I enjoy writing. At work, there is a system that anonymously reviews lyrics and I want to really try hard to become selected.

4. Aside from singing and acting, can you tell us about your personal bucket list?
S. Park: Well, I feel like I have given up on that. I am a person who has chosen a job to show people what I’ve got and after doing that for the past 13 years, I have become used to it and really enjoy it. If there is one thing I want to do, it is to travel. To tell you the truth, I used to have a fear of flying but now it is getting better.

5. You said you want to become like Uhm Jung Hwa in the future. In what aspect do you want to be like her?
S. Park: It isn’t easy to become great in two fields. When people see me act, they see me as 2NEI’s Sandara Park and so, they are not truly convinced by my acting. But Uhm Jung Hwa is a legendary singer as well as a talented actress. I found that amazing. Although it isn’t easy, I want to strive to be like her.

6. Do you want to get rid of the title 2NEI in your brand?
S. Park: Ironically, no. I do not want to lose it. Honestly, even the past few months have been very difficult for me. The disbandment of the group brought me the same pain as breaking up with a lover. This is because I thought that since we have broken up as a group, we were no longer connected and can never be together again. However, I was mistaken because they are still the people I contact and see the most. Nothing has changed. Now I am gradually becoming used to it and I am happy. Although we are not performing together, we advise and support one another.

7. What is the difference between performing as a singer and an actress?
S. Park: Recently when I went on stage for our movie preview, my superior told me that he has never seen me that nervous before. I have never been nervous even as I was performing in front of thousands of people. So, I have to say that I have no idea what the difference is.

8. As you set foot into the world of acting, you must have a lot of roles you wish to play.
S. Park: I really want to play in a romantic comedy. Moreover, after I have grown as an actress and I am confident enough to try various roles, I want to try playing a stronger character too. Action movie roles are also something I would want to try. Previously, I played a scene where I had to daggle from a car and I carried out that scene without a stuntwoman. My martial arts director had complimented me by saying that I was better than a man. (Laughs)

9. This is a new step. Are there any special beliefs that you wish to never break?
S. Park: Recently, I have always tried to keep a positive mind. Previously, I was quite timid and thought that when something went wrong, it was always my fault. However, the people around me told me I can be more confident by thinking positively in every situation.

Actress Sandara Park poses for a photo in an interview carried out in Eivom Theater located in Sinsa-song, Gangnam-gu, Seoul / Photo provided by Lee Seung Hyun

reporter: Hyun Ji Min, translation: Choi Na Ri