‘The Merciless’ movie poster

‘The Merciless’ (Directed by Byun Sung Hyun) is getting a lot of attention overseas as it was officially invited to be shown in the Midnight Screening, an out-of-competition slot in the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

Even before its release, the movie’s distribution right was sold to 85 countries including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Australia, India, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore, at the Hong Kong Film Mart solely based on its trailer and four minute promotional video. This movie is set to be released in France and Taiwan in June.

Overseas buyers are showing a lot of interest in ‘The Merciless’ and giving positive feedback. Movie Cloud, the company in charge of distributing the movie in Taiwan said, “It is an excellent movie with an unexpected storyline that displays the synergy of two very talented actors.” Moreover, they added, “It will be able to satisfy the high expectations that Taiwanese people have for criminal action movies.”

Viva Communications, the company distributing the movie in the Philippines stated, “Even from the short promotional video, we could see the filming techniques and the sensuous qualities of the action sequence.” Also, they added, “We have high expectations for this movie because while the characters are cruel, they have a humane side, creating a thriller that draws the attention of the audience.” Through this statement, they revealed why they decided to distribute this movie.

Choi Yoon Hee, the head of the overseas distribution team of CJ E&M’s film business unit stated, “We are continuously receiving many inquiries from overseas buyers. We expect additional sales as the attention for the movie has greatly increased since we received an invitation from the Cannes Film Festival.”

‘The Merciless’ is a criminal action movie. It is about Jae Ho, a prisoner who tries to become the number one leader in a criminal gang and a fearless and ambitious new prisoner named Hyun Soo who meet in prison and build a friendship. Even after their release, they learn more about one another through a mutual understanding. Aside from Sol Kyung Gu and Im Si Wan, other talented actors such as Kim Hui Won, Jeon Hae Jin, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Sung Oh and more appear in the movie. This movie is set to be released on May 18.

Translated by Choi Na Ri