Triple H / Photograph: by Cube Entertainment

“Things that are so-so are too ordinary for me. Now I need something newer than new.”

This is the first verse of Triple H’s debut song ‘365 Fresh’ and it begins with HyunA’s sharp voice. If this is the result of HyunA, a singer with 10 years of experience and Hui and E’Dawn, the members of a new boy band, Pentagon that debuted 6 months ago, it can be said that they made a good collaboration.

◆ Addictive Music, Exceptional Music Video

Triple H’s ‘365 Fresh’ M/V / Photograph: Video capture

‘365 Fresh’ is their title track. The title signifies that they are ‘awesome and cool for 365 days.’ Aside from the fresh message delivered in this song, its punk genre brings excitement to the song. The song begins by repeatedly shouting ‘F.R.E.S & H’ to enthuse our ears.

The music video heightens the attraction of the song. HyunA explains, “I was the most deviant in this music video.” And she really was. The sensuous qualities of their imperfect youth are portrayed through the video. Exhilarating components such as murder, suicide, blood, exposure, physical contact, and more are included in the video. This is something that we have never seen from a K-pop idol band.

But it is not just about the exhilaration. It includes a message too. The three characters that HyunA, Hui, and E’Dawn portray come together when they are running away from their problems. They fall in love and get jealous of one another. However, they do not break up. At the end, even as they decide to commit suicide, they hold hands and laugh out loud. So the message delivered is that unhappiness comes from loneliness and happiness comes from togetherness.

◆ The Addition of HyunA X Hui X E’Dawn

Triple H’s track list / Photograph: by Cube Entertainment

The chemistry between members is very important. Just like E’Dawn emphasized that they were “one team”, the members have great chemistry. Hui and E’Dawn is part of a new boy band named Pentagon and it has not even been a year since their debut. While they did not have the chance to be greatly exposed to the public, through Triple H, they were able to show off their talented vocals and rap skills. They exude qualities that differ from HyunA’s vocals and rap.

This can be seen in the other songs in the album as well. ‘Hope’ is a song that all the members composed together and in that song, HyunA and E’Dawn’s rap brings the whole song alive. Moreover, ‘What’s Going On?’ is a jazz hip hop song that shows off Hui’s rhythmical vocals while ‘Girl Girl Girl’ is a 1990 retro R&B style song that all the members deliver well together.

All these songs are included in this mini album called ‘199X’. This all began when the three members reinterpreted trending genres such as funk, disco, R&B during 1990. Another significance that can be added is that Triple H is a combination of 199X members as HyunA, was born in 1992, Hui in 1993 and E’Dawn, in 1994.
Translated by Choi Na Ri