Kim You Jung

Kim YouJung successfully completed her first fan meeting in Singapore.

On May 20, Kim You Jung carried out a ‘KIM YOU JUNG First Memory in Singapore’ fan meeting in the Riverfront Ballroom in Singapore where she first met her local fans to share a special time.

Kim You Jung wore a lovely Hanbok and appeared in front of her fans as the character Hong Ra On, singing the KBS2 drama ‘Love in the Moonlight’ OST called ‘My Person’. While she was nervous backstage, she carried out the fan meeting with a happy face while making eye-contact with her fans in a warm manner.

After greeting her fans, she sat down and talked to her fans about ‘Love in the Moonlight’ and reenacted some of the famous scenes from the drama with them. Moreover, when the MC asked her about a special cure she uses when she is feeling down, she replied, “my fans”, making her fans smile.

In the second part of the fan meeting, a famous Singaporean singer named Sunyanzi (孫燕姿) spent some time with the fans by singing 天黑黑. Afterwards, the fans enjoyed some kaya toasts, a famous Singaporean snack on stage. Moreover, they had the chance to face one another to draw a portrait of the other person. This created much laughter and made this experience unforgettable.

After sharing a wonderful time with her fans, Kim You Jung said, “While this was my first time in Singapore, I was extremely excited. I was really surprised when I saw my fans greeting me from the airport despite the fact that I arrived so late at night.” Moreover, she displayed her overwhelmed emotions by saying, “I want thank all my fans for coming today and I will work hard as an actress to show better productions. I am grateful to my fans for always giving me their great support. I hope to see you soon again. I love you.”

At the end, she tried to get closer to her fans by coming down from stage to take a group photo. After the fan meeting, she ended her first Singapore fan meeting by high-fiving her fans one by one, making every moment a heart-warming experience for her fans.

Translated by Choi Na Ri