‘Real’ Choi Jin Ri’s still cut

Choi Jin Ri took officially took her first steps as an actress through the movie, ‘Real’ and she poured her passion and efforts into her role like no one else to build up high expectations for this movie.

‘Real’ is an action noir film that shares the secrets and conspiracies surrounding two men amid Asia’s largest casino. Choi Jin Ri is an active actress/singer who made her debut in the drama titled ‘Ballad of Suh Dong’ in 2005. She also appeared in dramas such as ‘To the Beautiful You’ and in movies, ‘Pirates’ and ‘Fashion King’. In her new movie, ‘Real’, the actress plans to show a more sophisticated side of her.

Choi Jin Ri plays the role of Song Yoo Hwa, a physical therapist/lover, who is responsible for the rehabilitation of the casino organization’s boss, Jang Tae Young (Kim Soo Hyun). Also, more tension is added to the movie as a strange relationship is formed with Jang Tae Young who also appears as a new and questionable investor.

Therefore, the character played by Choi Jin Ri gets confused between the two Jang Tae Young to display a great performance that portrays her inner confusion. She came across as a sophisticated actress as she portrayed the detail emotions of her character in a brilliant way.

The movie ‘Real’ will be released on June 28 where we can witness the perfect transformation of Choi Jin Ri.

Translated by Choi Na Ri