Singer Kriesha Chu poses for a photo during an interview held at the TenAsia Hankyung in Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul. / Photograph: Reporter Lee Seung Hyun lsh87@

She had a childlike face with a fair smile that caught one’s eyes. However, once she gets on stage, even her eyes change. This change is portrayed towards the energy that fills up a huge stage. When her performance ends, she becomes a shy girl again. Just looking at her fills one up with endorphins and that makes us wonder which planet she is from?

10. You debuted as an artist almost as soon as ‘KPop Star 6’ ended. I am sure you are very busy nowadays.
Kriesha Chu: Almost a year ago, I was a singer in training who was always in the practice rooms and so, I still can’t believe I have so many different types of schedules now (laughs). As soon as ‘KPop Star 6’ ended, I worked on my debut, worked out, and went to Cebu in the Philippines for a while.

10. Why did you go to the Philippines?
Kriesha Chu: I was invited by a Philippine’s broadcasting station. I also had a fan meeting which wasn’t initially planned. I thought it would be a simple meeting for those who wanted to meet me but I was really surprised when almost 500 people showed up.

10. You were able to get second place in ‘KPop Star 6’. What were you thinking when you initially signed up to be a participant?
Kriesha Chu: I didn’t speak the language and it was a hard time as I missed my family. My producing company asked me if I wanted to try out for ‘KPop Star’. I think it was because they wanted me to remember the passion I felt when I first came to Korea. I was anxious because it meant that I would be preparing to be on stage and not in the practice rooms. I also wanted to become evaluated by judges Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and You Hee Yeol.

10. How far did you aim to reach in ‘KPop Star 6’ when you first started off?
Kriesha Chu: Reaching round 2 was my objective. I did not even think about getting into the finals. There was plenty of time to prepare before the live stage, but once you get on stage, there was never enough time. I became more ambitious as I went up to the higher rounds and I really did not imagine I would be in the finals.

10. Which was your most memorable performance?
Kriesha Chu: I remember my first live performance, ‘Swing Baby’ the most. I had a lot time to prepare as it was the first live performance. I worked really hard and had a lot of fun preparing for it. I think that is why I had a good response. I think it was the first time so many people cheered for me too. As soon as I got on stage, my heart was pounding really hard. I still remember that day vividly.

Singer Kriesha Chu poses for a photo during an interview held at the TenAsia Hankyung in Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul. / Photograph: Reporter Lee Seung Hyun lsh87@

10. You finally made the debut you have been dreaming of last month. Tell us the difference between performing on ‘KPop Star 6’ and ‘Inkigayo’?
Kriesha Chu: I think it is similar in a way that I tried my best. But I think the difference was that since my debut, people see me as a singer and not a singer in training. I think that I need to work harder to not disappoint the expectations that the audience has for me.

10. You must have met a lot of established singers in the music industry when you went on ‘Inkigayo’.
Kriesha Chu: I remember meeting TWICE. They said that they watched and voted for ‘KPop Star’ and congratulated me on doing well. That gave me confidence (laughs). I still can’t believe I went on ‘Inkigayo’ with singers like TWICE. It still feels like a dream.

10. During ‘KPop Star 6’ you performed in a girl group but debuted as a solo artist. What is the difference between being in a group and a solo artist?
Kriesha Chu: As a group, you get to help one another out in the aspects that the other members lack. You also get to cheer one another one in times of need which is not possible when you are alone. It was difficult preparing for a solo debut as I had to do everything alone.

10. Highlight’s Yong Jun Hyung was said to have participated in the production of your debut album.
Kriesha Chu: I always really liked Highlight even when I was in the states and later on I found out that many of the songs that I liked was created by Goodlife (a producing team consisting of Yong Jun Hyung and composer Kim Tae Ju). It was a great honor to work with Goodlife.

10. Was there anything special that Yong Jun Hyung said during the recording process?
Kriesha Chu: I was really nervous at the fact that I was going to meet Yong Jun Hyung on my first day of recording. He said that it would be good to be confident after seeing how nervous I was. He said to show off my bright energy and I learned a lot during our recording sessions.

Translated by Choi Na Ri