Lee Hyori still cut

The still cut for the music video of the title track, ‘Black’ from Lee Hyori’s sixth album has been released.

On July 1, Kiwi Media Group, which specializes in various contents, released the still cuts for the music video of Lee Hyori’s title track, ‘Black’ on various SNS channels including K-tune Collective label’s official Facebook and Instagram sites to be in the public eye.

The images released showed Lee Hyori’s dread locks and vintage clothing portraying a natural look to gain people’s attention as well as to create a curiosity about the music video.

Lee Hyori still cut

Moreover, on June 30, Lee Hyori started to release an art film on K-tune Collective label’s official SNS channel based on her new album to get a great response from her fans. She continued to showcase her art film in an orderly fashion up till the release of her album on July 4.

The K-tune Collective label from Kiwi Media Group said, “The title track ‘Black’ from her sixth album has a different feel to the pre-released song, ‘Seoul’. We hope you will give us your full attention as you will be able to enjoy Lee Hyori’s beautiful performance.”

Lee Hyori’s sixth album, ‘Black’ that has been receiving a lot of attention through the music video still cuts and art film was launched on July 4. Moreover, she communicated with her fans through Naver V-live on July 3 at 10 p.m.

Translated by Choi Na Ri