Kang Daniel, Kim Yong-Guk / Photograph: Mnet

Mnet’s ‘Produce 101 season 2’, a program which had a great response for all its episodes aired its last episode on June 16. While the singers in training featured in the show gained a lot of attention in every way possible, one of the things the public was interested in was their makeup. The singers in training showed various looks from the rugged look in ‘Boy In Luv’ to the sweet and fresh look in ‘Oh Little Girl’ to make the domestic producers fall under their spell. The makeup was what contributed greatly to their ever-changing looks that were displayed on our television screens.

The hype of their popularity lead to the release of cover cosmetics named after the individual members. Moreover, the members are currently being bombarded with advertisement proposals asking them to model for their cosmetic brands right after the show ended. What is the main feature of their makeup that portrays them as both ‘pretty boys’ and ‘rugged boys’? We met makeup artists Jung Mi-Yeong and Im Seoul who were in charge of the makeup for Kang Daniel and Kim Yong-Guk during the show to hear about some of their know-hows.

Kang Daniel / Photograph: Mnet ‘PRODUCE 101 season 2’ screen capture

In the beginning of ‘PRODUCE 101 season 2’, Kang Daniel portrayed a strong look with his pink hair and red lips and the person in charge of his makeup was Jung Saem Mool Inspiration’s Jung Mi-Yeong.

10. Kang Daniel’s unique sexy look was revealed in his ‘Open Up’ performance. His base makeup was exceptionally outstanding. How did you create that?
Jung Mi-Yeong: First I used the cushion foundation to create the tone of his skin. Then, I used the base color to contour his face by creating shadows. After, I used a light brown to create stronger contours by brushing up from the bottom of his cheekbones.

10. The makeup point of the ‘Open Up’ performance was the smoky eyes. Can you first tell us how you created the eyebrows?
Jung Mi-Yeong: I used an eyebrow pencil, mascara, and a wood stick to create his thick but not too strong eyebrows. First, I lightly filled in the emptier areas with the pencil and then I carefully brushed them with some mascara. Lastly, I heated the wooden stick and combed his brows with it. As for his eyes, I added some primer on his upper eyelids to control the oil. Next, I spread some pale beige color over a wide area over his upper eyelid for some shade. I then drew a line between the upper eyelids and under the eyelash using a reddish brown eye pencil. I added some depth by shading in the triangular zone using a special eye shadow that mysteriously changes from brown to black. This was done by following the angle the light fell on his face.

10. Aside from the smoky eye makeup in ‘Open Up’, we want to know about how the lips were done.
Jung Mi-Yeong: I only used a little pink colored lip balm for his lips.

10. There were rumors about how makeup artists were surprised at how red Kang Daniel’s lips were during the beginning of the show that they used their own money to buy him some lip products. Is that true?
Jung Mi-Yeong: While Kang Daniel had the beauty products; he was using it without knowing how to apply it. It is true that they bought him some products as a present with their own money after going through his makeup pouch. He was also carefully taught on how to use the products to put an end to the ‘Kang Daniel’s tint crisis’. (Laughs)

Kim Yong-Guk / Photograph: Mnet ‘PRODUCE 101 season 2’ screen capture

On the stage, Kim Yong-Guk displayed unpredictable charms as well as beauty looks that many people wanted to follow through performances such as ‘Boy In Luv’, ‘If It Is You’, and ‘Open Up’. From these performances, Kim Yong-Guk’s smoky makeup in ‘Open Up’ gained the most attention. Kim Yong-Guk’s makeup was done by Beaute 101’s Im Seoul.

10. How did you complete the look for the ‘Open Up’ performance?
Im Seoul: I made his look sexier by adding some pink eye shadow with a hint of red on his upper eyelids. Then, I drew on his eyelids using brown eyeliner. For his lips, I mixed a shade of hot pink and cherry pink from two different brands.

10. For the other singers in training, I heard shadowing was a must. How was it with Kim Yong-Guk?
Im Seoul:
I didn’t have to touch his face too much because he has nice lines. He has a very high nose bridge and so I only had to apply a light shadow. I lightly brushed along the lines of his chin line too. I did not apply too much shadow. But, his face did look smaller with a light touch.

10. Is Kim Yong-Guk’s color tone warm or cool? What foundation color shade does he use?
Im Seoul:
Kim Yong-Guk has an apricot toned skin. While it differs with each foundation brand, at times I apply shade 23 and at other times, I mix some shade 25.

10. As a makeup artist, can you evaluate Kim Yong-Guk’s skin?
Im Seoul:
Kim Yong-Guk is really blessed with good skin. It is very nice.

10. I’m sure the color of his lips usually faded away easily due to the long hours spent shooting ‘PRODUCE 101 season 2’. How did you reapply his lips?
Im Seoul:
Kim Yong-Guk’s lips are naturally quite red. But I gave him some cherry tint just in case. But, he only applied the colorless lip balm that he had. (Laughs)

10. During ‘PRODUCE 101 season 2’, there was a scene where he was applying cushion foundation on his face. Does he usually carry makeup around?
Im Seoul:
Kim Yong-Guk doesn’t know anything about makeup. There is a separate Mnet team that fixes the makeup for him during the shoot. I think it is one of the cosmetics he got from them. He doesn’t usually carry around makeup. We always remind him to put on makeup. I think he just carries around some colorless lip balm. (Laughs)

10. Tell us about a memorable moment you had while you were applying his makeup?
Im Seoul:
He said that he could not open his eyes when I was doing his eye makeup because he wasn’t used to it. (Laughs) He would say, “I can’t seem to open my eyes” and keep on blinking. I think it was awkward for him because he did not usually put on makeup and the eye shadow powder would be blowing around.

Translated by Choi Na Ri