Photograph: ‘Flipped’ movie poster

The movie ‘Flipped’ (Director Rob Reiner), which was officially released in theaters in seven years, has surpassed a cumulative number of 130,000 spectators.

It rose to fourth place on the weekend box office to become the dark horse of this sector. There were a total of 102,995 people who came to see the movie during a period of three days from the 14th to the 16th.

‘Flipped’ is about a sweet story of one’s first love where a girl named Juli falls for a boy named Bryce at first sight but Bryce is a bit skeptical.

‘Flipped’ was produced by the director of the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’, Rob Reiner and it was a movie that had not been officially released in Korea. However, it was released seven years later after netizens requested for it to be released as a movie ‘that they truly wanted to watch in the theaters’.

Due to the purity of the movie, the story of the characters’ first love appears more loveable, creating a fun and emotional movie that can be empathized with the audience.

Translated by Choi Na Ri