20 Years Of Age / Photograph: by Shofar Music

This summer was special for singer songwriter, 20 Years Of Age. The duet song, ‘We Loved’ performed by duo band Bolbbalgan4 charged the number 1 spot in various music charts including Melon for a long period of time. The mini album ‘Glitter Of The Moment’, which was released after, also received a positive response. When asked if he would like to become a ‘sweet and lovely singing boyfriend’ like his fellow colleague, Bolbbalgan4 who is the representing ‘sweet and lovely singing girlfriend’ (a person who sings with a sweet voice like a lover), he replied, “I do not want to be a ‘sweet and lovely singing boyfriend’, I want to be a ‘sweet and lovely singing friend.” The song that 20 Years Of Age wants us to listen to as something he sang as a ‘sweet and lovely singing friend’, is ‘Crazy Weather’.

10. The duet song ‘We Loved’ charged the number 1 spot in various music charts. How was the recording process?
20 Years Of Age: It is more meaningful because it is the first time I sang someone else’s song. Vanilla Man was in charge of writing the lyrics of, composing, and editing ‘We Loved’. Before this, I had only sung songs that I composed. Vanilla Man said that when he first created this song, he had not considered me. (Laughs) He wrote the song thinking that (Ahn) Ji-Young was the only vocal but then I was put it as the male duet later on.

10. ‘We Loved’ also gained a lot of interest through the great visuals of its music video. The long blond hair that Ahn Ji-Young showed for the first time was also impressive.
20 Years Of Age: At first I thought there was going to be a separate male protagonist in the music video. But then the CEO said, “You will play that role.” It was a time when I had gained a lot of weight because I wasn’t as active. (Laughs) I worked super hard to lose weight so that the age difference between Ji-Young and I didn’t seem that great. (It was successful.) I lost 9 g in one month.

10. How is it performing as ’20 Years Of Age’ when you are actually thirty one years old?
20 Years Of Age: In everyday life, there are times when I am embarrassed. This is because when I make reservations at the hair salon, I reserve it under ’20 Years Of Age’. (Laughs) But being 20 years old is a very special age as it is exactly in the middle of adulthood and childhood. I wanted to express the various colors of my music with my fresh and passionate face. Even in the future, I am going to pursue my music career without being restricted to genres like a 20 year old with endless possibilities.

10. The album to be released after ‘We Loved’ is ‘Glitter Of The Moment’ EP. The album is beautiful. How did the people around you react to it?
20 Years Of Age: Ji-Young said, “It came out so well. But where is this guy in the album?” (Laughs) Even my stylist said, “Where’s the guy in the album?” These pictures were taken by Photographer Rie in Jeju Island. I was happy because even the photographer said it was a summery background that is usually hard to find in Korea.

20 Years Of Age / Photograph: by Shofar Music

10. Why did you name the album ‘Glitter Of The Moment’?
20 Years Of Age: I wanted to sing about a moment of splendor and about that great moment. But I think the word moment has to go in with splendor. This is because you do not realize that it is magnificent if it is continuous.

10. There are a lot of songs that are especially easy to listen to in the ‘Glitter Of The Moment’ album. There are many cute and empathetic lyrics.
20 Years Of Age: I wanted to sing about the stories of ordinary people rather than myself. I wrote the songs thinking about emotions that both the public and I could empathize with.

10. What is the most affectionate song?
20 Years Of Age: Track 2 ‘Can I Call You’ is the most affectionate song. There is a phrase, ‘Do not think that there is not one person on your mobile phone that you can’t rely on.’ that comes out in the lyrics. Everyone would have experienced this in their life. It is the emotion you feel when you have a lot of contacts in your mobile phone but there isn’t anyone you can lean on to. It is when you hope for someone to be on your side no matter what. I wrote this song in the hope that I had someone like that in my life.

10. There are lyrics that seem oblivious but then again make our heart throb throughout the album.
20 Years Of Age: Isn’t the term ‘sweet and lovely singing boyfriend’ popular nowadays? I want to be a ‘sweet and lovely singing friend’ (a person who sings sweetly for someone just as a friend). Someone that makes your heart melt when you listen to them. (Laughs) The song that does this is track 5 ‘Crazy Weather’.

10. What kind of song is ‘Crazy Weather’?
20 Years Of Age: This is a fun song to listen to if you are a guy who has something going on with a girl who is currently just a friend. They are not officially going out yet but it talks about how he asks her out on a date while hiding his feelings. Although the guy likes the girl he acts cool and asks her to come out because the weather is nice and he happened to buy two ice cream which is melting.

Translated by Choi Na Ri