Photograph: ‘The Last Word’ movie poster

The movie ‘The Last Word’ (Director Mark Pellington) exceeded a total amount of 20,000 spectators in four days of its release.
On July 22, according to the statistics of the Korean Box Office Information System, the cumulative number of spectators exceeded 20,283.

‘The Last Word’ is growing popular through the rare word-of-mouth marketing of the audience, making this an exceptional movie in the abundant amount of other blockbusters. Moreover, this movie received a 99% satisfaction level on the CGV Golden Egg Index by the people who had watched the movie.

The ‘Last Word’ is a sympathetic comedy about a retired perfectionist who used to run her own advertisement agency who one day, hires a professional journalist to pen her life story. This movie is currently on the screens and very well received by critics.

Translated by Choi Na Ri