Actress Kim So-Hyun / Photograph: by sidusHQ

“It was a production that made me cry as Han Ga-Eun as well as Kim So-Hyun.”

Let’s hear what actress Kim So-Hyun had to say after completing the filming of MBC’s ‘The Ruler: Master of the Mask (otherwise known as The Ruler)’ for seven months. In ‘The Ruler’, Kim Soo-Hyun plays the role of Han Ga-Eun, who is trying to get revenge on the Crown Prince for beheading her father but instead falls in love with him. This drama aired its last episode on July 13.

Kim So-Hyun, who had recently come together with Tenasia in a café in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, said, “’The Ruler’ was a production that has given me a lot to think about.” In the drama, Han Ga-Eun frequently put the male characters in trouble due to being determined in getting revenge for her father and due to this, many viewers voiced out their dissatisfaction with the character to even call her ‘troublesome’, giving Kim So-Hyun a hard time.

“When I was a child, I usually played the roles of short scenes but this was the first time I lead the role of 20 episodes. I had trouble finding ways to solve the problems I would face while shooting a long drama such as this. I realized that I still have a lot to learn. I think that experiencing the critics of the viewers is also part of the ‘pain of growing up’. As much as it hurt, I am sure I grew taller.”

Actress Kim So-Hyun / Photograph: by sidusHQ

Kim So-Hyun, who will officially become an adult next year, said, “I feel like the viewers have a greater expectation of me now through ‘The Ruler’. I think it is time for me to show the public how I have grown from a child-actress to Kim So-Hyun, the actress. Also, I think that ‘The Ruler’ was the stepping stone for me.” She also added, “I want to quickly improve on the points that I lacked in this production to show a better performance next time.”

Translated by Choi Na Ri