Hello Venus’s Nara gives a soft smile during her interview at the TenAsia Hankyung in Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul./ Photograph: Reporter Lee Seung Hyun lsh87@

An idol becomes an actress. It is the most common route taken in the entertainment industry. This is a route that Nara who appeared in SBS ‘Suspicious Partner’ which ended on July 13 also took. Nara had been performing in a girl group called Hello Venus for six years and from there, she became a CF queen and now, she has challenged herself to acting. Although she was criticized by viewers for her debut controversy, she said it was something she had to endure. Through this, she decided that she will show her gradual progress to the public. Recently Nara came to visit the Ten Asia editorial office.

“It was difficult as it was the first real drama that I was a part of. I was very nervous and I did not have time to assess my role because the schedule for the script was too tight. I played the role of an inspector, but the terminologies were hard, so it took me a while to get used to. But my fellow actors, director, writers, and staff all helped me out. Through this opportunity, I learned that I am a person who has a lot of luck with people.”

Nara looks perfect in the drama, but she plays the role of an inspector who is full of humanity called Cha Yoo-Jung. Her urban look and her slim figure fit the role of her character well. But it was not easy to play this role as it was a three-dimensional character who had to show various charms.

“When I first appeared on the drama, the viewers criticized me so much that the director and the writer had an emergency meeting. The crew asked me not to look at the comments after the drama began to air. But I looked at the comments. While I was hurt, I thought of it as the viewers showing enough interest in my character to criticize me. I took this as a chance to get a better flow of my character and recharge my drive.”

Hello Venus’s Nara is brushing down her hair before carrying out her interview at the TenAsia Hankyung in Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul./ Photograph: Reporter Lee Seung Hyun lsh87@

But she wondered if she was being too driven. She was too focused on doing well in her role that she made the mistake of losing everything. After a while, she decided to put down the burden and desire to do well. “Who does well from the beginning?” is what she said to herself.

“I was very driven to do well and I hated myself because I could not do as well as my seniors. When I went to the set, I was nervous and so I just kept looking at my script. The problem was I did not look at the big picture. It was then, when my senior Ji Chang-Wook advised me, ‘You need to calm down.’ It was then when I started to be more relaxed. I tried to look Yoo-Jung in the big picture and not in sections. It seemed to be helping my acting. The character of Yoo-Jung was not created by me but she was created with the help of the people around me.”

The reaction of the viewers naturally changed too. They started to see her as Nara the actress and not Nara from Hello Venus. She received comments such as “I would like to see more of her work in the future.” and “I thought she was an actress, not a singer.”

“I still have room for improvement. I was able to learn a lot from good people. I also want to be able to express these feelings and emotions that I have learned here in other productions. I want to be greedy once again with the other types of work I pursue this year.”

Translated by Choi Na Ri