Seventeen/Photograph: Pledis Entertainment

The vocal unit of the group Seventeen released the 2017 version of ‘We gonna make it shine’.

Seventeen posted this video on the official YouTube channel on the afternoon of August 6.

This is the song that Seventeen released before their official debut. The lyrics represent the members’ mindset before their debut. In the 2017 version, the group wrote how they felt after their debut, the messages they wanted to deliver to their fans, in a form of a letter. The vocal unit directly participated in composing the lyrics.

The lyrics, ‘Are you curious as to who we are after hearing this song?’ was changed to ‘When you listen to this song, remember us we were back then’. Moreover, ‘Just wait a little longer, we’ll show you a cooler us’ was changed to ‘We will continue to make you shine in the future’ to touch the fans. Also, the members also showed off a more mature singing ability through this album.

Seventeen will carry out their first world tour concert ‘Diamond Edge’ in Hong Kong on the coming December 12.

Translated by Choi Na Ri