Jessica/Photograph: Coridel Entertainment

The second teaser video of the new song ‘Summer Storm’ sung by vocalist Jessica was released on August 7.

In the teaser video, Jessica shows herself having both happy and sad times with her lover. In addition, the lyrics, ‘Bring me back to the summer storms with you and I’ was released in a dreamy melody.

‘Summer Storm’ is a song with notable lyrics that talks about the memories of one’s past lover and their break up in a composed manner. Jessica is expected to express her feelings of parting with a lover in a strong manner in this song.

Jessica’s new album, ‘My Decade’ that includes the song ‘Summer Storm’ will be released in commemoration of Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary. There are six songs in her album and Jessica participated in composing the lyrics to these songs.
Coridel Entertainment said, “You will be able to meet Jessica’s musical spectrum, which has become more colorful through this album.”

Jessica’s new album will be released on August 9. Jessica will release her third mini album ‘My Decade’, on August 9 in celebration of her group’s 10th anniversary.

Translated by Choi Na Ri