The Koxx members, Shaun, Hyun-Song, Soo-Ryun, Sun-Bin (from left)/Photograph: Happy Robot Records

The Koxx recently released their mini album ‘RED’. It has been 1 year and 8 months since they released an album. As the name suggests, the album is all red, from its cover to the CD inside. Out of all the colors, they chose the color red because they wanted this album to be a turning point for a fresh new start.

Unlike their previous songs that were sung in English, they made a bold change of composing most of their songs in Korean. The Koxx’s world of music is becoming stronger. The fact that even Soo-Ryun from the group felt ‘0’ fear is a good example that displays the maturity and growth of the group. The title song ‘Blister’ is gaining a lot of popularity over a wide range of people. The song ‘#lol’ is sexy even from the beginning. ‘Grey’ is a song that has a gentle sensation and that has a turning point within the song. We met the band The Koxx that already makes us look forward to their next album.

10. The album came out in 1 year and 8 months. How did the songs ‘#lol’, ‘blister’, ‘0’, and ‘grey’ get composed?
Shaun: ‘Blister’, ‘0’, ‘Grey’ are songs that were previously composed and ‘#lol’ is a song made through Song Camp (a camp that helps us make songs).

10. How was Song Camp?
Hyun-Song: It was really good. We rented a house in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul through Airbnb. The studio was in Banpo-dong, so it was actually only 10 minutes from the place we were staying at but we still borrowed it anyways. (laughs)

10. In addition to ‘#lol’, what songs did you make through Song Camp?
Shaun: There are so many. We have enough to not have to create new songs in the future. But we did not put it in this mini album because we wanted it to have a greater impact and be more enjoyable. Maybe you will be able to find the songs in the next album or the album after that.

10. I saw an interview that defined ‘Koxx as Koxx’. Is this proposition still valid after 7 years?
Hyun-Song: Of course it is. This is because since we have our own sound and unique style, we think that even if we show music that goes beyond the genre of the extremes, the listeners will still know that it is ‘The Koxx’s music’.

10. Why is this album’s concept ‘RED’? Can we expect the next album to be ‘BLACK’?
Hyun-Song: We also wanted to include the color black in our album. Fashion brands usually label their premium items as ‘black label’. While we were performing in a club, the idea of black label did suddenly pop into our minds.
Sun-Bin: Honestly, if our album is released with the label, ‘BLACK’, it will feel like a premium limited edition album. I think you can look forward to Koxx’s interpretation of black.

10. What did you want to show through this album ‘RED’?
Hyun-Song: For Koxx, red is symbolic. Since our debut, we used a lot of red in logos and insignias. So we decided to start fresh with red as the theme of this album. Unlike our previous albums, we included Korean lyrics in our songs as part of our fresh new start.

The Koxx members, Shaun, Hyun-Song, Soo-Ryun, Sun-Bin (from left)/Photograph: Happy Robot Records

10. What is each individual members’ favorite songs from this album?
Soo-Ryun: ‘#lol.’ I don’t need to provide a long explanation, the groove is just amazing. (laughs)
Sun-Bin: ‘0.’ It makes you want to continue listening to it and not go on to the next song. It has a charm of a roller coaster.
Shaun: ‘Blister.’ I recently sung it as an encore song and it was so good that I sang the first verse without taking missing the chorus.
Hyun-Song: My favorite is ‘Blister’ too. I wrote the lyrics for this song which I got a lot of compliments on. This gave me a lot of confidence. (laughs)

10. Was there an unforgettable moment during the production of this album?
Soo-Ryun: It was fun making ‘0’. It’s very different from the first version. (laughs) Writing this song was almost like a catharsis as it gradually developed through the editing process. ‘0’ is a song that I showed to my members after working without resting till 3:00 am. I like dramatic things and so I included those aspects in ‘0’. I was very happy with the results.

10. What is the big picture of Koxx?
Shaun: Even if it is not TV, we keep searching for ways to make people fall into Koxx. To do that, we will have to work harder on our music.
Sun-Bin: I would ultimately want to bring people to our concert. After all, we are a live band.
Shaun: That is correct. It is pointless if the concert hall is not filled with people. Recently, I went to a Coldplay concert and it was phenomenal. It was a concert that makes you want to become a fan even if you only know two of their representative songs. I will make people have the same exhilarating experience at a Koxx concert.

10. Can you tell us more specifically what kind of concert that will be?
Shaun: I want to make a phenomenon called ‘The Koxx Experience’. The impact will be so great that the people in this world will be divided into those that have experienced our concert and those who have not. It will also make them feel that the distance between their house and the concert hall is really near. (laughs)

10. What is Koxx’s dream?
Soo-Ryun: We want to be known as the representing ‘Korean band’ just as when people abroad think of ‘Korea’, they automatically think of Kim Yu-Na and Park Ji-Sung. Just as Psy got famous with Gangnam Style, when we ask people ‘Do you know The Koxx?’ we want them to say ‘Yes, we know The Koxx!’
Hyun-Song: I have some short-term dreams. I want to fill the concert hall full of people when we have our solo concert in YES24 Move Hall on September 10. We are going to hold a great show for 4 hours so you can come with expectations.

Translated by Choi Na Ri