On the morning of September 6, singer Gil appeared at the Seoul Central District Court at Seocho-dong, Seoul for drinking and driving. / Photograph= Reporter Lee Seung Hyun lsh87@

Singer Gil was sentenced to 8 months for being accused of drinking and driving.
On the morning of September 6, the Seoul Central District Court held the first trial for Gil’s independent crime of violating road traffic laws (drinking and driving).

On this day, Gil attended the trial to acknowledge the allegations of drinking and driving. Gil admitted to all the charges filed against him.

Gil was caught violating traffic laws on June 28 at the entrance of Namsan tunnel no.3 in Seoul. He was driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0. 164 percent, meaning that he had to get his license nullified.

This is third time Gil has been charged with drinking and driving. He was indicted in 2004 and 2014, and now 2017 for similar charges.

Gil was prosecuted to a sentence of 8 months. Gil said, “I will receive all the punishments for all the wrongs I have committed.”

Translated by Choi Na Ri