B.A.P Comeback performance / Photograph = Broadcast screen capture

It has been announced that boy group B.A.P successfully completed their first week of their comeback show for ‘HONEYMOON’.

B.A.P released their seventh single album ‘BLUE’ on September 5 and started their performances for the title song ‘HONEYMOON’. They showed off their performances in various music broadcasting programs from MBC MUSIC’s ‘Show Champion’ on the 6th to SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ on the 10th.

On stage, B.A.P displayed a powerful performance with a charismatic look and steady vocals. Their skillful stage manners brought out the excitement of fans to create an enthusiastic atmosphere during every performance. The stylish clothes they wore on stage were also one of the things that were great to observe.

In ‘HONEYMOON’, B.A.P showed off some catchy melody, attractive whistle sounds, and cool guitar riffs while in ‘ALL THE WAY UP’, they displayed cool pluck synths and impressive changes in house rhythms.

The title song ‘HONEYMOON’ is a song that portrays the message of wanting to find freedom through one’s own color and light even if it means they have to bump into the barriers of reality. This album is a continuation of their previous color series ‘NOIR’ and ‘ROSE’ to continue the story of B.A.P looking for their freedom.

Translated by Choi Na Ri